Friday, January 11, 2013

Dragon's Life

Dragon’s Life

The mother dragon was pregnant. In labor in fact. At this very  moment a baby girl dragon is being born, and the mother is pushing hard. Pop! What’s That? Oh! The little lady is here! Congrats to the mom and all, but let us get on with the story,please.The little girls name is Dragana. She was named after her dad, Dragola. 

Dragana was crying. Then stopped. She looked at her mom with delight. She knew that these were the people she would spend her life with.Now, lets freeze the action and describe this little angel. She had green scales. At this point of life that is all she has.

Dragons can’t give their babies a bottle. Know one knows why. So for dragons there is the huge pool of formula . Dragola brought Dagana to the pool while the mom rested. Moms are always called Mrs. D. Again, know one knows why.

Dragola flew Dragana on his wings. When they got to the pool, Dragana crawled to the edge and then jumped in. 3 hours after dragons are born, they know how to crawl. No one knows why. No one ever knows why, but I do. I like it like that so I won’t tell you. I might tell you why later on though.

Well, I guess Dragana was REALLY hungry because she drank the whole pool. Boy was she fat! Everyone ran and flew away as fast as they could. Including Dragola. They did this because they knew what was going to happen next. They all knew. BURP! It happened. Dagana burped a huge burp that sent out wind so strong that it knocked a tree over. It landed right on her! What will happen? Will she survive? Does Dragola know? What will Mrs. D say? I don’t even know the answers to that, and I know everything! In a flash cops flew down to the edge of the pool. They took her to the ER then called Mrs. D and Dragola.

In a flash the worried parents flew in the fly way of the ER. A fly way is a dragons drive way or parking lot. They entered and ran past the lady at the desk. She didn’t stop them because she knew who they were and why they were there. Without knocking they rushed into the hospital room where dragana lay, still not sure if dead or not.Mrs. D. was caught with tears rolling down her cheek. “After all of that work she might be dead.” she thought as Dragola comforted her.

Finally Dragana came up from a coma. But she was different. She could walk. She could talk but in 2 year-oldish way. The Dr. said that they have been standing there for 2 years and that dragana was now 2 years old. Mrs. D and Dragola were astonished, but ever since she was born they couldn't wait until Dragana is two years old. The parents didn't understand why everyone else called it terrible 2s. But they were about to find out. 

“Dragana what did you do?” screamed Mrs. D. “sapie!” laughed Dragana standing in front of a wall covered with sharpie . Mrs. D made Dragana clean the walls. But it was impossible! Mostly impossible for a cute little two year old. How will she do it? No one knows. But I do of course!

Out of all the things Dragana could have done to fix this problem, she chose to rip off the wall and get a new one. The little girl grabbed her dad’s chainsaw from the garage, brought it in the house, and cut the wall off. The little brat actually made a new wall! She brought some wood and paint to the house. pretty soon, she was painting a smooth piece of wood. Then she super-glued it to the house.

The next day Dragana was jumping on her bed when it broke totally in half. This time Dragola was the one who saw it. Boy, was he mad! He yelled right in her face so loud that it almost blew her skin off, but it didn’t. Dragana cried. She was scared. The poor two year-old had never once in her life gotten yelled at. The right now mean father said that she needed to pay to buy a new bed. So, Dragana stole her dads wallet.

Dragola’s wallet was in the car, so Dragana had to to go in the car to get it. The neighbors saw her take out the wallet, so they told Mrs. D. The steaming mother was mad! So mad in fact that she taped poor Dragana to the wall so her and Dragola could talk. They both agreed that they would set her up for adoption. Before they untaped her, they packed up all her stuff, called the adoption center, and then she was all set.

The parents were proud of themselves as they were waving good-bye to the “misfit” as they put it. But then, they saw that their no longer daughter was crying. They wanted to keep her but it was to late. The adoption van had already pulled out. There was no backing out now. Dragana was gone forever. But what they didn’t know was she soon really will be gone forever.

Dragana didn’t feel good at all. The adoption mom (Mom A) took her to the doctor. The doctor send her to the ER. The ER sent her to The Death Room. They did this because poor Dragana’s heart was not beating right. She was about to die. 

Mrs. D and Dragola was there in a flash. Tears were coming down Mrs. D’s, Dragola’s, Mom A, and the doctor were crying as she lay dead.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Holiday Gift

Something that you can't hold, but you can give is a holiday gift from the heart on Christmas. I once gave a stranger a good deed. He was poor, and he held a sign that said "Anything Helps". So, I gave him four dollars. Also I give my family love by being kind, hugging them, and helping them. Friendship is all around the world and I give it to my friends by playing with them and spending time with them. Fun is given from me by playing games with everyone. Because Christmas is a time of giving. I give holiday gifts.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Santa Clause

On the night before Christmas, all through the house, a kids was questioning. One by one the questions roar. "How does Santa get down the chimney?" asked Charlie. "Look Charlie, if you believe in something, you just believe in it" answered the annoyed dad.

Charlie was asleep. Crack, Crash, Boom! Noises woke up Charlie. It sounded like it was coming from the roof. Charlie went in his dads room and woke him up.

Dad walked out of the house in his underwear. The doors creak scared Santa and he fell off the roof! Is he Okay? Who will fill in for him? Together, Charlie and his dad take off in Santa's sleigh. With Charlies dad in the suit, he is sure that they will make it.

For years he was Santa, but the cops didn't think so. They took him to jail. Luckily, the real Santa was healed. Charlies dad was happy to give his job back to Santa. Our Santa is back.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Books, even 1 book
just grab a book and take a look,
silly books
1 book,
2 books on the nook,
3 books
4 books to take a little book,
reading is all you need,
books online,
reading can give you a great time,
books about cars,
in books you could go so far,
fiction, nonfiction too,
write an autobiography about you,
books can flatten and save leaves,
in mysteries you could catch thieves,
a character can find a soul mate,
aren't books great?! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012


I twisted my arm,
I hit my head on the barn,
when  my friend hurts my feelings,
I'm sad even when people give me,
i'm tired, my eyes hurt,
our house caught on fire,
But I love me!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I love you,
Cousin too,
All of you
I love you
I love you too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Words are great!
Words like eight!
Legendary, muttered,
Vivid, heard
There are so many kinds of words
like those!
Say "The" out loud right now
you said a word!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I laid on the seat,
In my eyes was sun and heat,
It looks like the clouds are speaking to me,
by making letters like Y or V,
Thank god my stop came when it did!

Don't fall asleep on the bus!